New year, new life and high hopes!

On my work table

Hi dear friends, wish you all a great new year!

For the past months I haven’t been able to update the blog as often as I would loved to, because we’re off on our great adventure. So my husband, me, our son and our two dogs packed our bags and left life at the city! We’re now in Algarve, living at the sunshine, breathing the ocean breeze and thrilled by the wild nature and beauty of this place.

I`m embracing the new and I hope 2016 bring us inspiration, grace and joy!

Leave you with this little peek of my work in progress, that soon will be available
at my shop.

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Wish you all the best, and have a brilliant week!

It's Time!

Friday I'm in love

It's time to start again, to have high hopes, to be brave and conquer your dreams. To inspire your journey, I share some of my favorites this week:

Have a energizing weekend!

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