Meet the new SINNERLIG collection, from IKEA.

Love at first site

Ilse Crawford is a product designer, together with her multi-disciplinary, London-based team, and IKEA, created the new SINNERLIG collection. Whose products are so inspiring and beautiful.

This presentation video from IKEA is a truth delight to our senses! Love the natural elements, the colors, the open spaces, the cork and glass combination and uses, and this products are beautiful and simultaneously environmentally sustainable.

I could live in this video if I can, and maybe you to!

Happy August!

Meet Megan and Mike from The Fresh Exchange.

Love at first site

Megan and Mike are a couple of designers, taste makers, photographers, and creative directors.

At The Fresh Exchange, you can see their journey as husband and wife who are creative entrepreneurs living, traveling, and pursuing a beautiful and fulfilling life that inspires others to do the same.

You will love their passion and free spirit!

Meet Rosa from Be Nice, Make a Cake.

Love at first site

Rosa is an Architect and Interior Designer by training, she is a food lover and enthusiast, in her blog Be Nice, Make a Cake she shares delicious and beautifully presented recipes. 

If you love comfort food this oats and chia pudding its a healthy and delicious breakfast:

Have a lovely week!

Meet Sarah Britton from My New Roots.

Love at first site

Sarah Britton is a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Nutritional Practitioner, on her blog My New Roots she shares a lot of precious knowledge and shows her love for whole foods in a delicate and beautiful way.

Her delicious and healthy recipes are revolutionary in the most positive way, a new world of nourishment is open by them. One of my favorites is this black bean chocolate chili cherry cookies, it takes black beans to a whole new level!

Stop counting calories with Sarah Britton super healthy recipes!