Lunch with a view

Life lately

Recently I turned 36! So we have a family lunch to celebrate my birthday at this beautiful place, love to be so close to nature and feel the breeze of pine trees in my face, smell those beautiful lavenders, enjoy this golf course that offers memorable views over this stunning green place and see my little boy discover the wonders of nature.

Have a lovely day!

A day in the country: some inspiring photos from the weekend!

Life lately

My father has a little farm, and our family gather there to celebrate his birthday. Springtime produce such happy moments and colorful blossoms.

Our son is so ready for nice weather, he loved to explore the outdoors!

Nature is so inspiring and it is a delight to see little grapes, baby apples, tiny strawberries, small pears all growing delicious for Summer celebration.

All this beauty are such an inspiration to my heart, art and camera lens.

Have a vibrant week!