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Art and illustration made with love


Hello, let me take some time to introduce myself.

I’m Ines Rocio, I’m an illustration artist, children’s book author and a graphic designer.

I’m a dreamer who love to paint, finding happiness through art and creative practice, guided by love and light.

I'm a mother, a women in love and an artist with a background in graphic design. I like to paint since childhood, used to paint flying ponies, rainbows, gardens, houses and always liked to represent nature in a colorful way.
My life is filled with music, animals, vegetarian recipes, creative projects and romantic stories.

Nature is my great source of inspiration, I am fascinated by the vividness of colors, organic, natural architecture, overlapping tones, rhythms and energy. Like strolling through the park or the beach, as a botanist and collect small natural treasures.

Purple is my favourite color. Watercolor is undoubtedly the artistic medium with which I identify most, because is very spontaneous, allows for endless diversity of hues, really like to use metallic pigments, especially the gold because it adds richness and luminosity to the paintings.
I’m Passionate about painting happiness, love to write and paint stories with a happy end, that fulfill the imagination with positive dreams, sweet wishes and happy thoughts.

I’m grateful to be surrounded by love, and enjoying life by the sea, what nourish my heart and soul to create.

My goal is to continue to create art that bring joy to the world, and feel happy and privileged for it.

Thanks for visiting, hope you discover something that fill your heart with joy and love.