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Have a beautiful weekend!

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New year, new life and high hopes!

On my work table

Hi dear friends, wish you all a great new year!

For the past months I haven’t been able to update the blog as often as I would loved to, because we’re off on our great adventure. So my husband, me, our son and our two dogs packed our bags and left life at the city! We’re now in Algarve, living at the sunshine, breathing the ocean breeze and thrilled by the wild nature and beauty of this place.

I`m embracing the new and I hope 2016 bring us inspiration, grace and joy!

Leave you with this little peek of my work in progress, that soon will be available
at my shop.

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Wish you all the best, and have a brilliant week!

Put a little matcha on it!

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Do you know matcha green powder, it's a major antioxidant superfood!

As never before we can see matcha being used at amazing desserts, that are beautiful, delicious and have all the healthy benefits of this miracle powder.

Here are some recipes that I’ve seen and liked:

  1. The best matcha smoothie ever
  2. Matcha coconut custard tart with chocolate crust
  3. Chocolate & matcha mille feuille
  4. Mint matcha nanaimo bars
Have a refreshing weekend!

New Ines Rocio products available at Society6

I hope you all are having a great summer so far!

Recently I created a new Society6 account and added some of my paintings, so now you can purchase lots of different and cool products, such as Wall Art, Women and Men clothing, Cases & Skins and Home Decor products.

There's a few examples now at my store, if you like it and you are into Home decor,
can discover much more here.

Have a great week!

Meet the new SINNERLIG collection, from IKEA.

Love at first site

Ilse Crawford is a product designer, together with her multi-disciplinary, London-based team, and IKEA, created the new SINNERLIG collection. Whose products are so inspiring and beautiful.

This presentation video from IKEA is a truth delight to our senses! Love the natural elements, the colors, the open spaces, the cork and glass combination and uses, and this products are beautiful and simultaneously environmentally sustainable.

I could live in this video if I can, and maybe you to!

Happy August!

Dreamy gardens in my mind.

Do you use to imagine the perfect garden? I do. I love terrarium gardens, and I like to recreate then with my watercolors and brushes.

These ones are precious green places feel with terrarium plants, succulents and wildflowers, their are embraced with a gold organic line because gold is one of my favorite colors and give an ethereal light to this imaginary place.

These original watercolor paintings are available at my shop.

Hope you are having a beautiful week!

Pots and flowers collection, tiny original art.

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a great August start!

I am a big fan of pots and flowers collections, there’s so much things to love about them, but there's some that I particularly love:

Ethnic and tribal patterns, cheerful colors, the mix and match, and the bohemian felling.

And you, what do you love?

Here is a sneak peek of my new tiny original art, available at my shop.

Have a great week!

Urban Jungle

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Green is the new black and surrounding yourself with all sorts of plants, especially cactus and succulents is the new thing! Plants grow up in the most unusual places and assume the main role in the decor. This trend extended even to clothing.

There’s something vibrant and fresh about this new urban jungles.

Here are some that I’ve seen and liked:

Source: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

Have a refreshing week!

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